Best Places to Download Free Ringtones

By | May 28, 2019

Best Places to Download Free Ringtones: Free ringtones are a great way to add some fun and uniqueness to your phone without having to spend your hard-earned money on ringtones. Using the websites given below, you’ll be able to get some free ringtones for your phone in minutes, and some even let you create your own ringtones.

There’s a large number of choices of free ringtones available from each of these websites given below that include music, sounds effects, movie and TV clips also funny sounds, message tones, and just about everything else you could want to have on your phone. Downloading the free ringtones is easy, all you need to do is go to one of the websites given then select your device and then download the song. After that, you’ll need to set up the ringtone to play by using custom file explorer apps.

Best Places to Download Free Ringtones

The free ringtone download sites all have different features and that makes them unique, so be sure to check all of them out until you’ve found your favorite website with that song you need to set for ringtone

There are some websites as well as mobile apps which will help you to download free ringtones and create your own also.



Zedge is another popular ringtones app for Phone, which allows you to personalize your phone with unlimited downloaded ringtones and customize and edit your own tunes. This app not only offers you custom ringtones but also gives you high-quality wallpapers, launcher themes, alert tones and much more to modify you Phone, this is works like theme or launcher in your phone to customize it. The app is available in both app store and Google play store so you can have this on your Android device also. With the highest ranking reviews and maximum number of users, it is an amazing application to use


Melofania not much like some of the other ringtones sites, Melofania lets you edit your own music files or tracks to create a custom ringtone, as well as you can simply download ringtones created by other users.The ringtone editor is really easy to use.

In addition to making your own ringtone, you can download a track by some random artists and customize it as your choice. When you’re ready to download a ringtone from Melofania, you can select the file types that will work with iPhones, Androids, and other phones also

Vent ones

In Ventones you can create a free account, after creating a free account, you can upload your own music files there to create a custom ringtone for your phone of your own choice.When making your own ringtone, you can choose the exact length of the clip, add certain effects to it also. You can also download ringtones made by other users of Ventones.

These were one of the best websites and apps for the customization and free download of the ringtones of your choice. Feel free to check out cells, mobile9 e.t.c before you choose.

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