CallerID Ringtones iPhone App Review, Download – HEAR who is calling

By | February 2, 2022
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CallerID Ringtones iPhone App Review, Download – HEAR who is calling. Caller ID ringtones is one of the most popular applications for the iPhones in the recent time. It is an excellent ringtone application that does not allow you to create ringtones with your music what includes thousands of names and relationships. All you need to do is assign those as per your needs and preferences. If you assign those ringtones to the right contacts, your phone will announce exactly who is calling. Of course, it only applies when the number which is calling you is already in your address book. The new version being controversial, CallerID Ringtones iPhone App Review is one of the most wanted things on the Internet right now. That is exactly what this article is about, so continue reading.

CallerID Ringtones

CallerID Ringtones iPhone App Review

This application lets you explore more than 2000 ringtones that are meant to announce who is actually calling you. Those include both their name as well as their relationship with you, which makes it so special. Names in the application are sorted alphabetically and you have to choose between the list which is built-in with the app. You cannot add your own name and let the app speak it out when that person calls you. You can only choose between the names given in the list which seemed as a drawback but actually wasn’t. The variety was very important when the versatility was less and it was actually pretty impressive. There are more than a ton of obscure names and one is most likely to find almost every name that a person has in the address book.

Download App – HEAR who is calling

Apart from the names, the variety of relationships is more than enough as well. It includes almost everything from “booty call” to grandmother which is a very good positive remark for the CallerID Ringtones iPhone App Review. You should have no problem at all while finding the appropriate relationship label for everyone in your specific phonebook. Most of the ringtone comes in different voice types making the app even more versatile with huge varieties. Voice types such as the butler, hip-hop style, movie announcer or a basic voice announcement which happens in the workplace.

Add Ringtone to iPhone without iTunes
Caller ID ringtones app lets you listen to a preview of each of the ringtones available among the varieties. Once you have found the best ringtone for yourself. You need to enter your email address to receive the ringtone and the downloading instructions. Like most of the ringtone apps available for the iPhone. You will need to download the ringtone first to the computer. Then transfer it to the iTunes followed by syncing it back to your iPhone. That is how you can enjoy the services offered by the caller ID ringtones.

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CallerID Ringtones iPhone

CallerID Ringtones iPhone App Review in the App Store for the current version is pretty bad. It is only managed to get an average of 1.5 stars while all the other versions of the app made it to 3.5 stars at least. Talking about the positive side of CallerID Ringtones iPhone App Review, the downloading process is not that difficult as it seems. You will receive the email right away and downloading instructions are completely given in the email itself. Following it is easy if you have the basic knowledge of using the computer and syncing the ringtones to the iPhone. Caller ID ringtones app is compatible with the iPhone, iPad touch as well as iPad and it requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

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