How to reset Apple Watch and pair again

By | May 1, 2021
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Apple Watch is easy to use and can easily connect to iPhone and other paired devices. Likewise, when the time comes, you can easily set it up on a paired device such as an Apple smartwatch. However, you can reset it by erasing your Apple Watch without accessing the paired phone. Here’s how.

How to reset Apple Watch

A conventional Apple Watch can be set up on a paired phone using the Apple Watch tab in Settings. Click on the following information button (circle “i”) and select “Unlink AppleWatch”. Then you can remove the mobile network service from your device. Apple Watch backs up all data on your iPhone or other paired device. Just do it.

How to reset Apple Watch

However, according to Apple, there are ways to reset and erase your AppleWatch if you can’t access the paired device. On your Apple Watch, open Settings, then click General. From there, select “Reset” and click “Erase all content and settings”. If your Apple Watch is connected to a cellular network plan, you can turn it off. Lastly, users can simply click “Erase Everything” to check their Apple Watch and return to factory settings.

Another way to reset your AppleWatch

Since you don’t have to sign in to a paired AppleWatch device to complete the reset, your device’s most recent backup is not stored anywhere. However, if you just need to completely reset your Apple Watch, you can easily get the job done without using a paired device. It is best to leave your AppleWatch alive even after completing these steps, the steps are the same for all generations of AppleWatch.

If you can’t enter AppleWatch for an unknown password, there are other ways to reset it without your AppleWatch. Press the side button until “Power off” appears. Then press firmly on the power-off slider to lift your finger. If you select “Erase all content and settings” here, the effect is the same as a watch.

How to unpair Apple watch

After resetting your Apple Watch, you can initiate setup to easily pair it with your new device. Apple Watch must be connected to your phone to get the most out of its many features. However, if you bought your Apple Watch from a third-party seller or bought it from family and friends of a previously used Apple Watch, you can set it up no matter what.

How to reset Apple Watch

Reset AppleWatch directly from the watch

You don’t need to unlock Activation Lock because you use it with the same Apple ID only when you start using your Apple Watch again and pair it with your iPhone. The next way:

Go to “Settings” on your Apple Watch and click “General”.

Disconnect AppleWatch directly

From there go to “Reset”. Click “Erase all content and settings”. You may need a password.

Click “Delete”.

How to reset AppleWatch without a password

  • You can also perform a hard reset if you forget your Apple Watch password. How to do it.
  • Open the “Clock” application on your iPhone. Scroll down and click General -> Reset.
  • Click “Erase AppleWatch Content and Settings” to confirm this action.
  • You may need your AppleID password to complete this task.
  • Your AppleWatch is now reset and all content is erased. You can then reset it to set a new password for your watch.

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