iPhone 7 Ringtone Free Download Original Apple Ringtone

By | May 12, 2021
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iPhone 7 Ringtone Free Download Original Apple Ringtone: Apple Inc introduced its first set of iPhone on June 29, 2007, using Apple IOS operating software. The introduction of the iPhone which brought a change in the mobile industry came upon CEO Steve Job’s request. He instructed engineers to concentrate on touchscreen devices. First-generation iPhone was famously called “iPhone 2G” as it supported only 2G data. iPhone Ringtone is one of the unique ringtones available online. Not only IPhone7 but every iPhone model has clear and unique ringtones. Increased storage capacity has allowed customers to download unlimited iPhone 7 Ringtone.    

iPhone 7 Ringtone

iPhone 7 Ringtone Original

Ringtone is one of the most important features of a mobile as low-quality Free ringtones are hard to hear. iPhone when upgraded to 3G and now 4G gives services unparallel to any other brand. One can find numerous ringtones in the Apple store and have the best iPhone 7 Ringtone. Apple store permits you to download different types of high-quality ringtones within a span of a few seconds.

Original iPhone 7 Ringtone in the Apple Store:

Apple is the only company that has a dedicated team of scientists working to develop better ringtones. Primarily Mr. Jobs wished to allow his customers to create their ringtone. Bell Laboratories conducted different ringers, buzzers, and thumpers with different decibel levels for the best audible ringtone. It is believed that an ideal ringtone ranges from 2 to 4 kHz. iPhone Ringtone Original has already been favorite among iPhone users. iPhone 7 launched in 2016 came with a larger display and better touch sensor. The version came with two variants iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus with upgraded storage facility allowing you to keep the best available iPhone 7 Ringtone. 

iphone x ringtone download

Download iPhone Original Ringtone

If you are a fan of remix music iPhone 7 delivers the same for you. There are many remix ringtones available in the store like the iPhone 7 Remix, iPhone 7 Paris Remix and iPhone 7 Remix hot are trending among the youngsters. There are multiple ways you can download free iPhone Ringtone. iPhone store is the major source of downloading the best ringtones but other ways are also possible. Choose any online ringtone maker on your laptop. Pick the music file and make the output as M4R format the reason being iPhone 7 supporting only M4R ringtones. After converting the desired file into iPhone 7 Ringtone format, connect the phone with the laptop and transfer the file.


Once you downloaded the free iPhone ringtones, follow steps to set any iPhone ringtones as caller tune in android phone:

  • Open Phone Settings >> Sound Settings
  • In Sound Settings, select your preferred SIM for which you want to set a caller tune.
  • Then Select the downloaded tune as your caller tune.
  • And you are all done!


With changing times trendy iPhone 7 Ringtone gave a fresh look to the ringtone section. Such regular innovations always keep iPhone on the top list. Nowadays with increasing sound pollution, it is very difficult for a person to get notified about the incoming call. iPhone Ringtone has been modified after several tests by professionals. This is the reason iPhone and Apple Inc lead the industry because of their commitment to fulfill every minute customer requirements.

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