how to make a custom ringtone for iPhone, Android

By | July 25, 2021
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create your sound

A smartphone can use almost any sound to stimulate a new call or message. However, to build audio, you must first acquire it. Record a clip directly to your phone, extract a clip from an existing song or video file, or use a dedicated app to find and make a custom ringtone. If so, convert it to a generic format. MP3 is a good choice because it is widely used.

how to make a custom ringtone for iPhone, Android

If you want to record audio from your phone, try free apps like VoiceRecorder on Android and VoiceRecord Pro on iOS

To extract clips from long songs or videos, you need a free audio editor like Audacity available for Windows and macOS. Transfer the files you want to edit or convert to your computer and import them into Audacity as new tracks to edit and convert to MP3. If you want to convert files without modifying them, try using the reliable Zamzar online tool.

make a custom ringtone

An easier workaround is to download a dedicated ringtone app. The program includes a library of sounds or audio clip tools prepared to easily cut audio from existing files. Zedge and Ringtone maker Both free apps rely on advertising for financial support. There are also make custom ringtone apps for iOS, but these apps cannot set their ringtones and notifications. Instead, they can create audio and apply it to the phone in another process. This will be discussed in detail later. The best options for iPhone include a $ 1 ringtone designer and free Zedge.

Now that you have the audio in MP3 format, you can convert it to ringtone or notification sound on your Android or iOS device. So it’s over.

Put sound on android

When you’re ready to set up a new ringtone or notification, you should first have an audio file on your phone (if you don’t already have one). If so, you need to move it to the specific folder on the Android device: Ringtone (if you set it as a voice make a custom ringtone) or Notifications (if other alarms).

why is my phone not ringing

how to make a custom ringtone

There are several ways you can transfer files to your phone. You can email yourself, sync through apps like Google Drive and Dropbox, or connect your phone to your computer and manually drag files to the home page. Once installed on your smartphone, various apps will give you different ways to save them in relevant folders. For example, in the Android version of Dropbox, select a track and click the menu button (three dots) in the upper right corner. In the corner, select Save to the device and navigate to the correct location.

Get Ringtones on iPhone

After transferring the files, restart the phone to save the new sound to the appropriate folder. To convert the audio to the new default ringtone, go to Settings> Sound> Phone ringtone. Here you will see the option to choose as the default ringtone. New audio will appear in this list as long as you save your custom clips to the correct folder in a compatible format such as MP3.

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