Make ringtone of my name with song

By | October 5, 2020

Make ringtone of my name with Song: In the earlier days, people used to keep their phones either in vibration mode or silent. But, in these days, this tradition has completely changed by the users. They used to keep their preferred music or song as a ringtone for mobile phones. The ringtone can be referred to as identification for any incoming calls, messages, and incoming notifications on your mobile phone. You can keep either aloud or soft ringtone as an incoming tone. In this article, you will have a piece of knowledge about the ringtones customized with your name.

How to choose the best ringtone for your mobile phone?

You might be wondering about the best websites that will help you to customize your ringtone with your ringtone. Before proceeding to the process of customization, there are some tips that you need to remember:

  • Choose a piece of soft music that will not create any disturbance for others.
  • Try to pick some ideal ringtone that can make your day.
  • Try to listen to your chosen ringtone before downloading that may save your space.

Ringtones are available in various file sizes such as 64 Kbps, 128 Kbps, 320 Kbps & 1080 Kbps. Apart from these, there are two file formats that you can download from various websites-.MP4 and .M4R. Let us proceed to know about the websites that have the facility to customize the ringtones with your name.

Free Ringtones for iPhone

Make ringtone of my name with song

Best Websites to prepare a ringtone with your name

Here, we have enlisted a few websites with a brief description to prepare a ringtone with your name online.

  1. Free Download Mobile ringtones (F.D.M.R)- is one of the first websites that provides a list of a variety of ringtones with names or any message in.MP3 file format. You need to search for your name through the search panel given at the top of the website. On this website, you will have all Indian/Hindi variety of games available to download as a ringtone.
  2. Prokerala- These days, has become the most renowned web domain for any variety of ringtone downloads. To make a customized ringtone with your name, you have to enter your name in the “name” section. Then you have to choose the text message with you want to associate with your name in the ringtone. Finally, you will be asked to choose your preferred music for background. In the end, you have to download the ringtone in your device.
  3. ITune Machine- has a vast variety of modern music or tones in to which you can easily intrude your name and customize your ringtone. Here, you have to first select the music and then enter your name in the box. Then, you need to select the message for the ringtone on your phone. Finally, select the language for the customized ringtone and tap on “Create”. After this, you can set the ringtone as an incoming tone on your phone.

Make ringtone of my name with song


With the above websites, you can easily make a ringtone of your name with any song and set it as an incoming tone for your mobile phone. So, create your name ringtone and enjoy it.

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