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By | February 13, 2022
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Most sources of Military ringtones on the Internet come with some level of risk. Sites like Zedge, Myxer, FunforMobile, etc. host all user content and then allow users to share theirĀ ringtone. Many users can download it for free without problem from this site, but on such sharing site, you can host malware in your files. The safest way to load ringtone to your phone is to create them yourself.

Military Ringtones

Military ringtones recording

On some phones, you can use the phone recorder to record your voice and set the recording as a Military ringtone. To be the only one, you can record your voice, your child’s voice, and your dog’s barking and use it as a ringtone. You can record a low-quality Military ringtone of your favorite songs on the speaker. Unless you are trying to sell or distribute ringtones, this is legal.

Sound editing software

Sound editing software (free open source program Audacity, etc.) is very suitable for creating Military ringtone. With any editing software that can open almost any audio file, you can select fade segments and add fades and effects. Save the file as MP3 – you may need to install the appropriate encoder separately – then follow the instructions on the phone to transfer the file to the phone and set it as a Military ringtone.

iTunes 10

Over the years, iTunes has maintained a strong relationship with mobile Military ringtone. You provide the first, you create them, and then you automatically remove those features. In iTunes 10, you can create your Military ringtone in iTunes from the tracks you own by selecting. On the Options tab, set the duration to a specific option within 30 seconds. Create a new AAC file by selecting “Create AAC” from the “More Info” menu. Change the extension of the last created file from M4A to M4R. You can now upload the file to your iPhone as a ringtone.

Despacito ringtone


You can save the step of sending a Military ringtone from your computer by working directly on your smartphone. Most smartphone apps (for Android or iOS) provide a visual song waveform that uses Audacity-like features, and you can edit it to select which part to use as a ringtone. Ringdroid, Big Bang, Inc. RingtoneMaker or MP3Ringtone Maker from LuckyStart, and many more can help you create ringtones from MP3s already installed on your Android phone.

tamil ringtones

Military Ringtones for iPhone

IOS 6 supports the new version of Garage Band. In this way, iPhone users can create Military ringtones from the music they own and their creations.

Select a sound from the category on the right sidebar and double click on a sound to preview it. When you find the sound you need, drag it to where you want it to appear in the audio timeline. Continue to edit Military ringtone by adding, removing, or manipulating audio files. You can change the character by double-clicking on a snippet of ringtone in the timeline and dragging audio bytes choosing from the available editing options. When singing or playing an instrument.

Military ringtone free download

For a long time, the only way to get a military ringtone phone was to buy it from a service provider. For a price of around a dollar or two, you can still opt to use this method today, but you hope to make your music for free and download it to your device.

This method allows you to convert any part of any pitch (not just the chorus), including YouTube video audio. If you want to run the latter,

Either way, make sure you have an audio file of the music you want to convert to sound. This will follow the instructions for your phone and your desktop operating system.


Mac users can easily create iPhone headsets with GarageBand. The process is simple. You need to transfer the sound directly to iTunes. If the military ringtone is in iTunes, go to Sync Settings> Noise on your iPhone and install a new sound on your device.

Windows users should use FriedCookie’s RingtoneMaker. It can convert long songs to 30 seconds M4A files, an extension of AppleiPhone point files.

After creating the military ringtone, drag and drop it to your iTunes music library. iTunes automatically adds it to the “Noise” section in the left column.

Finally, sync your iPhone. Then select Settings> Noise to set a new iPhone military ringtone.

You can also create headphones directly in iTunes using the template shown in the video below.


Make military ringtone for your Android phone for Mac using existing MP3 file and cut selected 30 seconds clip. Please follow these steps: However, do not upload your songs to iTunes when you are ready to export them. Instead, choose Share> Export Songs to Disk and choose the MP3 format.

Then connect and connect your Android phone. Refers to the device. If you don’t have a device, create a folder and name it “military ringtone “. Finally, drag the custom MP3 into the new folder. Cut, cut the Android smartphone.

To set a new tone, go to Settings> Audio and choose from the list.


To create a military ringtone for Windows, use FriedCookie Creative Ringtones. After creating and saving personalized phone military ringtone, connect and connect your Android phone to your computer. Drag and drop your custom MP3s into the new folder. Finally, cut and mute your Android phone.

To set a new tone, go to Settings> military ringtone and choose from the list.

Windows Phone

Of course, this process is a bit complicated because the Mac itself does not perform well on Windows. So please be patient.

Create your sound using the MP3 file you own and trim the selected 30-second clips. Please follow these steps: However, do not upload your songs to iTunes when you are ready to export them. Instead, choose Share> Upload Songs to iTunes.

Open iTunes. Find the key you created, right-click on it and choose Get Info. Then enter the height in the Gender section of the Advanced tab. Click on OK.

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