Wake up ringtone download for iPhone, Android phone

By | September 1, 2021
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iTransfer is a powerful tool to download wake-up ringtones for Android phones. You just need to use iTransfer to move iPhone ringtones to PC and convert them to MP3 using Music Recorder. If so, you can copy the wake-up ringtone in MP3 format to Android. iTransfer can manage up to 12 types of files between your computer and iTunes iDevice. Transferring ringtones from iPhone to Android is very convenient. Here is the detailed procedure to transfer the wake-up ringtone from Apple iPhone to Android.

Wake up ringtone

Wake up ringtone download for iPhone, Android phone

Step 1: Connect iPhone to Computer

Run iTransfer on your PC and connect your iPhone to your PC with a suitable USB cable. This tool will automatically recognize your iPhone as ready to download iPhone ringtones for Android.

Step 2. Choose a wake-up ringtone and set the output folder

Go to “iPhone icon> Library> Ringtones” to view all ringtones on your iPhone and continue to learn how to transfer the wake-up ringtone from iPhone to Android. Select the ringtones you want to transfer to PC and right-click on one of them. You need to click the Edit button in the pop-up panel to navigate to the location on your PC to save the exported iPhone ringtones.

Step 3. Transfer to PC and copy to Android in MP3 format

After that, you need to click on “Transfer Now” to start exporting to your computer folder. Once this process is complete, your computer will be able to display your iPhone wake-up ringtone. Open Recorder on your computer and convert M4R to MP3 for later use. (More details about this conversion are covered in part 2.) After that, you need to connect Android to your PC and the computer will detect that it is an external hard drive. Finally, you can copy and paste the converted iPhone ringtone to your Android folder in MP3 format.

Wake up ringtone download for iPhone, Android phone

In this guide, the first part explained how to transfer the Android iPhone wake-up ringtone using iTransfer. How to use MusicRecorder to download Android iPhone ringtones, see below. Music Recorder can record in a professional format, M4R, and record in MP3. This is useful for transferring Android Apple iPhone ringtones. The following steps show you how to do this effectively.

Step 1: Choose your audio source

After using iTransfer to transfer the iPhone wake-up ringtone to a PC, you still have to solve how to run Music Recorder on your computer to download AndroidiPhone ringtones. After that, you need to click on the microphone button and click on the “Audio Source” panel. Then you need to solve how to download the iPhone wake-up ringtone by selecting “Record audio from computer” to convert M4R to MP3.

Call ringtone download

Step 2: Choose output format and output path

Click on the “Format” option and select the Android ringtone “Output format: mp3 audio (* .mp3)”. You can also set the audio encoding bit rate, sample rate in the “Audio Settings” function area according to your needs.

Step 3: Record M4R and Download MP3

You will be redirected to the main interface of Music Recorder Click the red button to start recording your M4R. I need to play M4R on a computer at the same time and record to MusicRecorder. When the wake-up ringtone is over, you need to click the red button again to stop the recording process.

Wake Up ringtone Download

Most sources of Wake Up ringtones on the Internet carry certain risks. Sites like Zedge, Myxer, FunforMobile, etc. host all user content and allow users to share Wake Up ringtones. Although many users can download it for free from this site without any problem, it is possible to host malicious code in files on these shared sites. The safest way to load Wake Up ringtones to your phone is to create them yourself.

Wake Up ringtones recording

Some cell phones can use a phone recorder to record your voice and set that recording as a Wake-Up ringtones ringtone. The only way to record your voice, your child’s voice, your dog’s barking and use it as a ringtone. You can record low-quality Wake-Up ringtones of your favorite songs with your speaker. Unless you’re trying to sell or distribute ringtones, it’s legal.

sound editing Application

Sound editing software (like the free and open-source program Audacity) is very suitable for creating Wake Up ringtones. You can choose to fade in and out clips, add fade effects, using almost any editing software that can open any audio file. Save the file as MP3 – you may need to install the appropriate encoder separately – then follow the instructions on the phone to transfer the file to your phone and set it as a Wake-Up ringtones ringtone.

iTunes 10

Over the years, iTunes has maintained a close relationship with Wake Up ringtones for mobile phones. The first provides them and automatically removes these features. In iTunes 10, you can create army ringtones in iTunes by choosing from the tracks you own. On the Options tab, set the duration within 30 seconds for a specific option. Create a new AAC file by selecting “Create AAC” from the “More Info” menu. Change the extension of the last created file from M4A to M4R. You can now download this file to your iPhone as a ringtone.


Save yourself the trouble of sending Wake Up ringtones from your computer by working directly on your smartphone. Most smartphone apps (for Android or iOS) provide a visual waveform using features like Audacity. You can change this to choose which part to use as a ringtone. Ringtone Maker or MP3RingtoneMaker from Ringdroid, Big Bang, Inc. LuckyStart, etc. will help you create ringtones from MP3s installed on your android phone.

The new iOS 6 version of GarageBand is supported. In this way, iPhone users can make Wake Up ringtones from the music they own and their creations.

Select a sound from the category on the right sidebar and double-click on the sound to preview it. When you find the sound you need, drag it to where you want it to appear on the audio timeline. Continue to edit Wake Up ringtones by adding, removing, or manipulating audio files. You can change the character by double-clicking on the Wake-Up ringtones ringer clip in the timeline and dragging the selected audio bytes from the available editing options. When you sing or play an instrument.

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