What happened to Myxer app? Now that Myxer is Gone?

By | February 3, 2022
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what happened to Myxer: Every smartphone user will set a ringtone on their device either as a ringing tone or as an alert tone. These days no one is interested in using the standard ringtones, instead, they search to collect some fabulous ringtones and set them as caller tunes. Myxer is one of the best applications, that presents its users with a huge volume of ringtones, from old to recently added new songs. In comparison to the other free music ringtones applications, Myxer offers outstanding features that help people in downloading abundant music files without leveraging any cost for it. 

what happened to myxer

One of the best features in the design of the Myxer application is that the library is updated regularly with the latest music hits daily. This wonderful application also allows the users to add their songs to the Myxer Free ringtones site and everyone can view it. The same song can also be downloaded from the website and used as a ringtone. To download or create or make it as a ringtone, Myxer application will not charge its customers for doing all these actions.

Outstanding features of Myxer application

Myxer application became popular only due to its outstanding features, which helps in using the app quite easily. Let’s have a look at the features of Myxer application:

  • Myxer app allows its users to create and download the ringtones in an easier manner.
  • Users are also allowed to share the ringtones with friends on Facebook and Twitter. These ringtones can also be sent to friends in the form of messages.
  • Users of Myxer app will be able to create their own ringtones list and set them as devices ringtones.
  • One of the features that do not exist in other free ringtone applications is online radio station along with the melody level altering control. 
  • Users will be able to tweak as well as make their favorite ringtones on their own.
  • One of the other great options that exist in this app, users will be able to make a remix of their favorite songs and can share it.
  • Myxer also offers its users with the recording option.
  • One of the benefits of this app is that it has got an awesome user interface, which is designed in a simpler manner, to use it without any difficulty.
  • This app also presents the users with the pick of the day ringtone, which can be used as a wallpaper on the smartphone.

what happened to myxer

What happened to Myxer application?

Myxer application started its journey as a free ringtone app in 2005, offering superior quality benefits to the users, which made it so popular. It has been updated regularly and enhanced to make the usage go smoothly on the website and later on in the year 2011, Myxer Social Radio was launched that offered adorable services to its users and won the award in the year 2012. The services offered by this application are unlimited. Myxer was filed for bankruptcy, chapter 7 in the year of 2014 in August, from then onwards its services are stopped. what happened to myxer. In the future, it may again restart its best features to serve a huge number of people all over the globe. 

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