Disclaimer: Terms of Service

Disclaimer: Terms of Service – The terms and conditions which are provided down below govern all use of the https://myxerfreeringtonesdownload.com website. All the content, services and products will be available on this website itself. This website is completely made for downloading all the ringtones which are officially available in the Myxer app. Without the modification of any terms and conditions, this website is designed. The operating rules policies of this website is contained herein. The procedures for downloading every single ringtone in the Myxer app will be updated on this website. Time to time almost everything will be made newer and things will be made easier for the users.

1. Your myxerfreeringtonesdownload.com account and website:

The security for your account on this website is completely your responsibility. All the activities which will occur from your account will be considered as your actions. You must not assign keywords which are misleading or unlawful. This website is not meant for trading on the name and reputation of any other brand. myxerfreeringtonesdownload.com may change any keyword which they think is inappropriate. If any damage to your content is done as a result of your actions, you will be liable and not the website.

2. The responsibility of contributors.

This website allows you to post contents and comment on blogs as well. You will be entirely responsible for the contributions you make on the website. If in case the content causes any harm to anything in the website, you will be liable for it. After making the content available on the website, you must also keep many things in mind. It must not be misleading or inappropriate in any sense.

3. Submission of Content.

If you submit the content to myxerfreeringtonesdownload.com, you give this website the permission for reproducing or modifying your content. It will be published solely to display and distribute among the common people. If you also delete some content, the website will make reasonable efforts to remove it as well.

4. Removing or Disapproving.

myxerfreeringtonesdownload.com has the full rights to remove any content or disapprove anything you post. In case the website finds it inappropriate, it will remove it as soon as possible. Denying the access is a right fully granted to this website.

5. Payment and renewal.

If you select a product or service, you assure that you will be paying the website a monthly or annual subscription fees. It will obviously be prepaid and payments are not refundable.

If you don’t notify myxerfreeringtonesdownload.com about the cancellation of renewal of your subscription, it will not happen. This means that if you don’t inform the website that you don’t want to renew, automatic renewal will take place. Whatever will be the applicable amount of money, shall be collected by the website. A record of the transaction will obviously be kept.

6. Copyright Infringement and DMCA Policy. Myxerfreeringtonesdownload.com asks others to respect its intellectual property rights.

7. Domain Names. We agree that use of the domain name is also subject to the policies of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (“ICANN”), including their Registration Rights and Responsibilities.

Before getting into the website or accessing it, you are required to read the agreements very carefully. Accessing the website means that you agree to each and every terms and condition provided. If somebody does not agree to the terms and conditions or think it not to be right, he may not access the website at all. After all, it makes no sense when you don’t agree with what the website has to offer you but still you use it. If you consider the terms and conditions to be an offer by https://myxerfreeringtonesdownload.com, acceptance is expressly limited. However, the website is only meant for users who are above 13.