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Privacy & Policy: We at are totally focused on providing the best service to the users. Apart from that, our greater concern is none other than security. It is true that in any reputed website, the main thing is security. When one is using the internet, one knows that there’s absolutely nothing which can’t be leaked. It is the world full of hackers now and we never know who is trying to access what thing at what time. ensures that the protection for any personal information is provided at the top security level. Any personalize related data shall not be leaked and it is guaranteed by the Privacy Policy of this website.

The collection of the information

At this blog, we collect much information about the user while accessing. As for example, the IP address is always traced, the browser type is known and also the location and the profile information.

Just for the case of registration in our site, you need to give your personal information. Don’t worry, the personal information will only be with us and will not be leaked in any terms. These data are actually mandatory such as name, age, gender, contact info and e-mail address. If there is any deviation in the privacy policy, the user will be notified by a message on the email or on the contact number. If the user does not want to be notified about it as soon as any changes are made, he can disable the option. All you need to do is choose “not to send me the notification” or “not to send me the SMS”. These options will be present in the notification setting of the email account. ensures every user that the data will never be misused. The information will only be used for:

1. Improving the website and providing a safe and secure knowledge bank.

2. Security tracking purposes.

3. Any changes or any new information shall be notified via email or SMS.

4. Improving our services.

Use of cookies/ Tracking Technologies

This website is completely using up the cookies for tracking each and every activity of the user. It is very necessary for managing the session of the website and thus it is carried forward. This tracking technology also allows saving personal information like name, feedback, account and data usage. It tracks the IP address of the user but by no means does it know the password.

Use of information provided by you

The aim of this website is to provide satisfaction, reliability, and services to you. Your information can help us facilitate you better. By collecting the cookies and the data they are using in this website, we can set the preference for the user itself. It allows this website to design, navigate and provide services as per your needs.

Updating the information

If you have provided the information on the website, you have the full right to update it anytime. From your personal details to your password, everything is modifiable. Moreover, nobody can change any personal information provided by you, themselves. It would only be done by you. You can also close your account if you don’t want to carry forward.


Nobody from this website is responsible for links which lead you to other websites. Other websites have a different privacy policy and you have to check them every time you enter a new website. The privacy policy provided here are not applicable for all the websites.


The cookies which are sent by an Advertising owner or partner will allow the server to recognize the browser information and much more. All the advertisements which are provided on the website may be delivered to the users by this blog. This blog will not be responsible for any cookies sent to other advertisers.


We at understand what personal information mean to everybody. The security of this information is very important. We provide the best security available for the convenience of yourself. Still, if you are on the Internet, you never know. If you click on different advertiser’s blog or any other website from our website, things might not go well.

It is a hardware and software technology and there is no guarantee provided by anybody that the personal information will remain personal. Absolutely nobody can guarantee this.

Privacy & Policy
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