How to Silence Apple Watch

By | May 1, 2021
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How to Silence Apple Watch. The automatic mode is very simple and works the same as the iPhone. With silent mode, your Apple Watch will not make a sound when notified, but you can feel the subtle vibrations caused by the TapticEngine.

Whether you turn your wrist to display notification after activating this feature is up to you. A little vibration can remind you of a notification or a call.

How to Silence Apple Watch

How to Silence Apple Watch

Automatic mode is available in the control center. When viewing the face of your watch, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to display the Control Center.

  • Slide your finger from the bottom of the screen to access Control Center
  • Click the “Quiet Mode” (bell-shaped) icon here to activate this feature.

You can turn off the vibration alarm in the settings menu. Access this setting by pressing the digital crown while looking at the watch face and selecting “Settings” from the grid or apps list. Then go to the “Sounds and touch” section. Disable the “Touch alerts” function here.

If you want to eradicate your Apple Watch, you can just get your hands on the screen of your wearable device. Then the Apple Watch screen goes to sleep and the noise and vibration stopped.

If you receive a call, press the digital crown button to turn off the notification.

Theater mode

If you don’t want your AppleWatch to turn on when you get a notification or when you accidentally lift your wrist, choose cinema mode. The clock vibrates, but cannot play or flicker. You can resume viewing by touching the screen.

Swipe up on the phone and you will see the control center. From there, activate cinema mode (or cinema mode) by clicking on the “tragedy/comedy” icon.

How to Silence Apple Watch

Do not disturb

The “auto” function of the iPhone is also available on the AppleWatch. This feature is connected between the two devices.

Swipe up on your watch face to access Control Center and tap the crescent moon icon. You can now choose “silent” indefinitely or choose one of the recommended options.

The “1-hour use” option is valid for 1 hour with the “auto” function. If you leave the current zone, the “Activate until you leave” option deactivates the “silent” mode.

  • “Switch on until tomorrow morning” remains in “automatic” mode until the next morning. Use this function to trigger an alarm.
  • Use the “ automatic ” mode by tapping on the “ New moon ” icon
  • To turn off “silent” mode, return to Control Center and click on the crescent moon icon again.

If you do not want to link the “auto” function between your Apple Watch and your iPhone, you can deactivate the “iPhone mirror” function in the “watch” application.

Open the Watch app on your iPhone and go to the My Watches section. Select the “General” option here.

  • Click on General in the My watches section
  • Then select “Automatic” from the list.
  • Click on “Auto” under “General”

In this section, click the toggle button next to “iPhone mirroring” to turn off this feature. You can now configure the “Auto” setting individually for each device.

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