Add Ringtone to iPhone without iTunes in 2023 – Best way

By | March 30, 2024

Add Ringtone to iPhone without iTunes- Apple has provided extraordinary and sweet ringtones to iPhone users. However, users might dependably want to set their main tunes as iPhone ringtones. Up to this point, users needed to depend on iTunes to set a melody as ringtone, and this was a significant breeze for users. But now the process has become even more difficult for iPhone users. With technological advancement, the process should become easier. Well, Apple has its own technology and every user has to comply with it.

We’ve shown you how to add ringtone to iPhone without iTunes. But having GarageBand on their device, you can create your own ringtones with “relative” ease without using iTunes.

How To Add Ringtone To iPhone Without iTunes

Step: 1

Download or import the melody that you wish to add ringtone to iPhone without iTunes. On the off-chance that you skip this step you will not be able to find the song within GarageBand.

Step: 2

Open GarageBand. In the event that you don’t have GarageBand pre-installed on your gadget, you can download it in the App Store.

Step: 3

Import the tune you need by picking any of the instrument segments and on your GarageBand app, tap on View button followed by the Loop Browser button.

Step: 4

Next, select the Music tab and discover the melody you need from any of the segment. Melodies that are turned gray out can’t be added to GarageBand.

Step: 5

Drag the melody to one side or appropriate to add it to GarageBand. Since the default length is to a great degree short you’ll have to alter the track length so as to see and hear a greater amount of your melody. Hit the little + symbol to add bars to your track; the more bars you include, the more drawn out the tune cut moves toward becoming. In the altering area, you can trim the melody to the coveted length. The sides will turn yellow and you can pull in from the earliest starting point or the conclusion to make your trimmed clasp. You likewise can loop it, split it, and more by twofold tapping the tune review.

Step: 6

When you are at long last content with your creation, hit the drop-down bolt and tap My Tunes. The ringtone that you have to add ringtone to iPhone without iTunes will consequently save as “My Tune”. You can rename it by tapping on the title.

Step: 7

Tap and hold the thumbnail for your tune and menu choices will show up above.

Tap the Offer symbol, trailed by the Ringtone symbol. Name the ringtone, hit send out.

At the point when got done with trading tap Utilize Sound As, and select the alternative for when you need to hear the Love ringtone in the accompanying menu.

Then again, you can include the ringtone the ordinary course, by going to Settings – > Sounds – > Ringtone and choosing your ringtone from the list.

These steps can be replicated how to add ringtone to iPhone without iTunes. So in the event that you needed to make an alternate Free music ringtone for each of your companions, you could do that too. You can make a couple of more ringtones and relegate each for your relatives, companions, and associates.

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