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By | March 30, 2024

Video Game Ringtones, Notifications, Sound Free Download: Most of us in our lifetime has played different types of video game be it Mario or the latest PUBG or COD. Video games not only attract youngsters but the mature generations too. Thus having video game ringtones on your mobile is a cool thing to do like a lot of people have usually pre-set ringtones. 

How to Get Video Game Ringtones Onto Your Phone

In a public place, it will be a rare occasion when you can hear an uncommon ringtone. But whenever you hear it, you will find that it catches a lot of attention from the crowd. So, why should you be left alone? Having a different ringtone like any song or others is also a great idea, but if you want, you can just take a step further and go for the video game ringtones.

Just imagine the reaction of the crowd or your friends when the ringtone of any popular video game starts to play. It’s guaranteed that everyone will be amazed and you will become the talk of the place. So, leave aside the boring tune given by your phone company and customize your ringtone.

Which Tune to Select for Video Game Ringtones?

The steps for customizing the phone ringtone are very simple. The hard task is to decide which game you want to select for the ringtone. The decision will depend a lot on your friend’s circle. If your friends are addicted to a particular game, then having that one is a great option. Or else you can go for the most common and popular game of the period.

Video Game Ringtones and Notifications: The Basics

Currently, games like PUBG, Call of Duty, Frontier, Clash of Clans, Temple Run, etc are the most common games worldwide. Thus, you can select accordingly for your ringtone. Legendary games like SEGA, Contra, and Roadrash are also a great choice to select and bring the nostalgia back. However, you can also go for your favorites rather than thinking about the crowd. 

Mario Ringtones

A few Mario highlights:

The Legend of Zelda Ringtones

Nobody can go wrong with these Zelda tunes:

Pokémon Ringtones

Any Pokémon fan should enjoy these tracks:

  • Red/Blue/Yellow—Pokémon Center
  • Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald—Pokémon Gym
  • Gold/Silver/Crystal—Wild Pokémon Battle
  • Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald—Pokemon Center Heal
  • Red/Blue/Yellow—Level Up
  • Red/Blue/Yellow—Charizard Cry

Sonic the Hedgehog Ringtones

Some of our favorite Sonic sounds and tracks are:

Donkey Kong Country Ringtones

Get your gorilla groove on with these highlights:

  • DK Country—Forest Frenzy
  • DK Country 2—Hot-Head Bop
  • DK Country 3—Rockface Rumble
  • DK Country—Character Change
  • DK Country—Bonus Room Opened
  • DK Country—Level Clear

Crash Bandicoot Ringtones

Try these on for size:

  • Crash 1—Heavy Machinery
  • Crash 2—The Eel Deal
  • Crash 3—Desert Town
  • Crash 1—Collect Aku Aku
  • Crash 2—Collect Crystal
  • Crash 1—Woah!

Miscellaneous: Nintendo Ringtones and More

  • Banjo-Kazooie—Treasure Trove Cove
  • Super Castlevania IV—Theme of Simon Belmont
  • Spyro 2—Glimmer
  • Earthworm Jim—New Junk City (SNES)
  • TMNT IV—Big Apple, 3 A.M
  • Yoshi’s Island—Flower Garden
  • F-Zero—Big Blue
  • Metroid—Brinstar

Steps to Select Video Game Ringtones

Nowadays, over 65{1a0987498cd38f87be05f97dca95f88650ea23f2605947e85c279190f1902094} of the population is using smartphones and it is very simple to download ringtones for Android platform. It’s not like that the process is difficult on Windows or iOS devices, but the steps are a bit simpler in Android as it supports almost all kinds of formats of the file to play music.

Here are the steps to customize your ringtone: – 

  • At first, select the game whose tune you want to set. Before finalizing, check out all the popular games and their background music. All tunes may not sound attractive as a ringtone.
  • After listening to the different tunes, finalize the game.
  • Search in Google or other engines for the ringtone of that particular game.
  • You will find a wide era of options to download the music file.
  • Download two or more different files of the ringtone from different sites. The quality of the ringtone may differ.
  • After downloading, listen to the tunes and select which one will sound best on your phone.
  • Then go to your files and folder and select the music file and set it as your default tune.

Trying this out on a computer is much easier as you can even easily trim the required part of the tune on a PC. 

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