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Signal App Download for Android, iPhone

The personal messaging app Signal is currently at the top of the Apple AppStore chart, ahead of competitors Telegram or WhatsApp. The reason I switched to Signal is that WhatsApp’s privacy policy has changed and the uproar has erupted. Signal has many features found in WhatsApp and other messaging apps, but the new user interface… Read More »

Hulu app for windows 10 Download

Microsoft currently has many products in the Windows Store, but it only subscribes to the Hulu app for windows 10. If you download the app directly upwards, they will be able to subscribe for free for two years. Yes, this one-month trial version is general and the only one that has not used a subscription… Read More »

Free ringtones for Samsung Galaxy

If you recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy or Galaxy Plus and want to know how to download Free ringtones for Samsung, we can help you here. Set custom ringtones for Samsung for specific contacts or exclusive alerts. This is a step-by-step guide to set alarms and sounds for Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus when… Read More »

How to get Free Ringtones for Android Phone

How to get Free Ringtones for Android phones– When it comes to getting anything free we always want to have them. But when it comes to getting free Ringtones for your Android phone we are really very excited to grab them. Here is the article, you will get to know about 5 websites from where… Read More »

How to make a song a Ringtone on Android Phone

How to make a song a Ringtone on Android: Ringtones are essential for alerting either on a call or a message. Every mobile comes with some standard ringtones in it, but we wish to have our favorite song as a ringtone. You may be thinking how to turn a favorite song into a ringtone. There… Read More »