How to make a song a Ringtone on Android Phone

By | March 30, 2024

How to make a song a Ringtone on Android: Ringtones are essential for alerting either on a call or a message. Every mobile comes with some standard ringtones in it, but we wish to have our favorite song as a ringtone. You may be thinking about how to turn a favorite song into a ringtone. There is no need to worry because we are here to help in turning a song into a ringtone quite easily on your favorite Android device.

Android is one of the most popular platforms among smartphone devices. In the last few years, with the abundance of Android devices is made available in the market at a very reasonable price. Now, over of smartphone users are from the Android platform. The best part of the platform is that it is very user-friendly and it takes a couple of minutes even for first-time users to get hands-on with it.

Set Individual Ringtones to Contacts

how do you make a song your ringtone on an Android phone?

However, like all other platforms, the brands of Android devices also provide default ringtones for mobile phones. This is a great strategy of marketing but it has also made the life of the users a bit difficult. Whenever someone’s phone starts to ring, all the people who are using the same brand start to look for their mobiles. It is also a bit embarrassing, isn’t it? 

The best way out of this issue is to customize your own ringtone for your mobile. This will not only resolve the issue of confusion but also sound cool. Next time when your phone rings in a public place with an amazing and new ringtone, you can see many faces turning towards you instead of searching their own pockets. 

How Do You Make a Song Your Ringtone on Android Phone?

Customizing your ringtone on Android devices is like a walk in the park. You can easily set a song or any tune as your ringtone and also customize your other notification sounds. As the Android platform is very user-friendly, the process of the same is also very simple and can be done on all kinds of Android devices. Yes, the path may be a bit different as mentioned below, but the basics are the same.

You can make a song a ringtone on your Android phone by following these steps:

  1. Open the Google Play Store and search for a ringtone maker app, such as Ringtone Maker or MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker.
  2. Install the app and open it on your phone.
  3. Choose the audio file you want to use as your ringtone from your phone’s music library. Some ringtone-maker apps also allow you to record audio from within the app.
  4. Use the editing tools in the app to select the part of the song you want to use as your ringtone. You can usually adjust the start and end points of the audio clip and trim it to the desired length.
  5. Once you have selected the section of the song you want to use, save it as a new file.
  6. Go to your phone’s Settings app and select Sound & notification.
  7. Tap Phone ringtone and select the ringtone you just created from the list of available options.
  8. Save your changes and exit the Settings app.

Your new ringtone should now be set on your Android phone.

Here is the process for customizing your ringtone: – 

  • First, download or copy the music file on your mobile. Android supports almost all types of file formats. So, you don’t have to worry about the same, however, MP3 is the most common format.
  • After that, go to your phone settings and from there to the Sound option.
  • You will find a list of options like incoming call tune, message tune, and others.
  • Select the incoming tune option.
  • You will find the list of the default tunes there.
  • Look for the “Custom Ringtone” option.
  • There you will find all the saved audio files on your mobile.
  • Select the file you want to set as your ringtone. Listen to the song playing and finalize the same.

Many devices also come with an inbuilt trim option. From there, you can easily cut a portion of the song and set it as your tune.

If you are not able to do the above-mentioned steps, then you can try it out with the music player. Open the play and play the song that you want to select. While the song is playing, open the menu or options and there you will find the option to set it as your ringtone.

How to make a song a Ringtone on Android

Android devices are used by most people around the globe. Hence, there are many apps designed particularly to use on Android phones. We are helping you with a simpler process that helps in turning any MP3, AAC, AMR, or any file into a ringtone. Here is the step-by-step process.

How to make a song a Ringtone on Android

  • One of the most important things in this process, How to make a song a Ringtone on an Android device, which needs to convert into a ringtone.
  • If the song is not present on your mobile device, but if not is on your laptop or PC, then just move that file to your Android device.
  •  Then visit the google play store and download one of the Android applications that will convert a song or file into a ringtone.
  • Two popular applications that help in How to make a song a Ringtone on Android are Ringdroid and Cheetah.
  • Once anyone of the application is installed onto the Android device, then it’s time to convert it into a ringtone.
  • Now just select the file and give time for the application to load it.
  • To select that portion of the songs which you are wishing to convert, just tap and drag the two grey sliders that are present in the ringdroid application. 
  • The length of the song can be small or large, there is no restriction on it.
  • Once the length is elected then just tap on the save button, that is present in the application. 
  • Save the ringtone with a name that is quite easy to remember. 
  • At the same time, you make sure that you are changing the type of the file from “ringtone”  to “music”.
  • So, it can be used as either a ringtone or else a notification alert, as per the wish if the user and their convenience
  • The built-in functionality of this application will make the trimmed content into a ringtone.
  • Now using the file manager set the ringtone either for a call or as the alert tone for messages or notifications.
  • Now from the file manager just make a single tap on ‘Audio’ so all the files under ‘Music’ appear.
  • Select it and set it as the ringtone for your device. Now onwards, whenever you receive a call this ringtone is heard. 

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When all the above-mentioned steps are followed correctly then it becomes quite easy to turn How to make a song a Ringtone on an Android device. This is one of the quite easiest ways to set the song as a ringtone in just a few steps.

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