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How to Change Apple Watch Ringtones?

How to Change Apple Watch Ringtones: Apple Watch is one of the dream watches of many people to wear on their wrists. Apple Watch 4 comes up with the latest technology and its design is awesome. One of the unique features with which this watch is designed is that users will be able to set… Read More »

Change apple watch notification sound

To change Apple Watch notification settings. Adjust the volume, turn off the clock, or select “Auto”. It also adjusts the intensity of tapping and vibration used for Apple Watch notifications. Change apple watch notification sound You can change the notification sound on your Apple Watch by following these steps: Open the Watch app on your… Read More »

How to zoom out on Apple Watch (Series 6,5,4,3,SE)

There are small and large versions of the Apple Watch, but the size difference is measured in millimeters. With Apple Watch, the details are too small to be easily seen. However, watchOS has a zoom out on apple watch feature that enlarges the screen content. Apple has been manufacturing smartwatches for five years and has… Read More »

How to free up space on the apple watch

5 ways to free up space on the apple watch Manually remove all unnecessary applications from AppleWatch To free up space on apple watch up space on your Apple Watch, you must first delete all duplicate AppleWatch apps. This technique may seem strict in your application, but you need to check it out. To avoid… Read More »

How to Use Apple Watch with Android Smartphone

The Apple Watch is hugely popular with smart users, but that doesn’t mean anyone with a smartphone can use a smartwatch. As on Android or iOS, the device generally works well on other devices running the same operating system and may perform better on other devices of the same brand. For example, if you are… Read More »

How to reset Apple Watch and pair again

Apple Watch is easy to use and can easily connect to iPhone and other paired devices. Likewise, when the time comes, you can easily set it up on a paired device such as an Apple smartwatch. However, you can reset it by erasing your Apple Watch without accessing the paired phone. Here’s how. A conventional… Read More »

How to unpair Apple watch

How to unpair Apple watch. So are you excited about buying a new Apple Watch and pairing it with your iPhone? You can also buy a new iPhone, remove it from Apple Watch, and learn how to pair it with your new iPhone. Apple Watch There are two ways to pair and unpair a new… Read More »

How to Silence Apple Watch

How to Silence Apple Watch. The automatic mode is very simple and works the same as the iPhone. With silent mode, your Apple Watch will not make a sound when notified, but you can feel the subtle vibrations caused by the TapticEngine. Whether you turn your wrist to display notification after activating this feature is… Read More »