Cool Wallpapers For Phone Download Free For Android

By | March 30, 2024

Cool Wallpapers For Phone Download Free For Android: As we all know, one of the best ways to spice up your smartphone is by downloading new and stylish wallpapers. But not all of them are suitable for every device, so we have compiled a list of the coolest free wallpapers for Android phones!

Abstruct – Cool Wallpapers For Phone

Hampus Olsson is a Swedish artist who specializes in creating abstract wallpapers. His collection offers over 450 high-resolution wallpapers and is updated regularly with new artwork. If you’re a fan of OnePlus’ stock cool wallpapers for phones or the ones found in the Paranoid Android ROM, this app is a great source to get them in high resolution. You can apply them directly from within the application, or save them to your gallery for later use.

Cool Wallpapers For Phone


AmoledPix is a new app that showcases over 10,000 high-quality artworks to be used as wallpapers. With a primary focus on providing options that feature deep blacks across a variety of categories, AmoledPix offers users a variety of choices to fit their needs. Upon selecting an image, users can also choose to tap on the colors tagged to find wallpapers with a similar aesthetic. The app offers a premium version via a subscription or a one-time purchase model. Paying the fee will remove ads and allow access to more collections.


Background Application Backdrops is one of the most popular applications on the Google Play Store with over 10 million downloads. It allows users to browse collections of photography and vector art that is updated daily by digital artists. The application has a pro version that includes the ability to apply cool wallpapers for phones from a notification and save wallpapers from the explore page- otherwise limited to community and free collections. It will also remove ads from the application.

SwirlWalls – Cool Wallpapers For Phone

SwirlWalls is a fresh take on live wallpapers that offers beautiful spiral live wallpapers to take your home screen personalization game to the next level. The app puts a spiral wallpaper on your home screen, which naturally animates as you interact with your home screen, lock screen, or perform gesture navigation swipes. It has over 200 custom wallpapers, and each wallpaper can be customized using remixes and styles. All wallpapers fully support dark mode as well and can automatically switch between dark and light mode depending on your system settings.


Welcome to Sphaera, an application that generates cool wallpapers for phones based on locations around the world. You can pick any spot and customize the generated image with the available style choices. The application claims to work well with custom launchers and that its generated art will fit any high-resolution display. With a one-time purchase model, this application features no ads and has unlimited downloads. Sphaera is free to download and use, and it contains no ads.

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Stokie – Cool Wallpapers For Phone Download

Stokie is a free and easy-to-use application that allows users to access a wallpaper collection that contains stock wallpapers provided by their manufacturers. This enables users to maintain the aesthetic of the wallpaper while making it their own. If stock wallpapers are not your go-to, or perhaps you’re looking for something simpler, the application also allows the creation of gradient-style wallpapers. Additionally, Stokie offers an in-app purchase to remove ads, access additional features, and receive priority support from customer care.


Tapet is a new application that allows users to generate cool wallpapers for phones by controlling specific parameters. It does not offer a collection but instead uses math functions to create patterns. The application uses a swipe-based system to show users various options which they can choose to save to their device. An in-app purchase will provide access to patterns that may otherwise not be available, an option to create a color palette, and the ability to apply Tapet’s generated art to the lock screen as a Live Wallpaper.

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